Buying land in Turkey is a good investment?

If you have decided to invest in real estate in Turkey Fethiye areaa, buying a land for a lucrative investment may be a good investment.

Land investment in the right region at the right time can provide serious earnings to the investor in the medium and long term. We recommend that you invest in these regions by following the areas of the city that are open to development in order to earn income in the shorter term from your land investment. Buying land earns in the long term, but depending on the development rate of the region, there may be good earnings in the short term.

Work with a reliable real estate agent who does his job well.

Structures such as new settlements, planned hospitals, schools, shopping malls increase the value of the lands in that region in the short and medium term.

Housing and workplace bring rent, but the plot does not.

If the land is not leased empty (which is an exception), it does not provide any income to the investor, and it should be remembered that the landowners must pay property tax.

Investing in land is different from residential investment.

First of all, it should be investigated whether the land has permission for zoning. If there is, zoning status should be examined. It should be examined which zoning area such as residence, commercial area, workplace, social service area.

It should also be learned what the conditions for building the land are.
It should be investigated whether there is a property problem, such as mortgage, annotation (archeological, natural site, etc.), foreclosure, right to use by a private person, company or public institution.

The land purchased at the right place and time protects your investment against inflation. The plot is valued according to the status of the investments to be made in the region and the development potential of the region.

When you decide to make your investment in cash, you sell your land, get your money in cash, or evaluate it by agreeing with the contractor or construction company in return for land (for a floor), you can also return to cash by not selling any residences in order to avoid a surprise in tax terms. We recommend that you consult experts who know.

We generally recommend land, field and workplace to our investors for investment.

In housing investments, we recommend that the buyer purchase housing considering the criteria of the house suitable for their own use or suitable for rent.

Housing investment should be geared towards meeting the needs.

Land investment, on the other hand, is to purchase an empty piece of land that can be built on it by knowing the zoning status in order to protect the value of the money you do not need and provide a good return after getting rid of inflation.

The buildings have repair, maintenance and painting costs, the land does not have such costs, but you still check your land at certain intervals, whether any occupants settle in your place or not use your place free of charge.

You get rental income from your home and workplace, while your property protects your money against inflation while your property returns, but to avoid problems with your tenant, make your contract well and get your guarantees before the contract.

In case of any natural disaster, earthquake, buildings can be damaged and your land investment will not be damaged.

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