What are the points to be considered when buying real estate in Turkey?

Determine whether the real estate you will buy is suitable for your purpose.

Your goal is important. You will evaluate the situation according to your opinion about the property you will buy, that is, your purpose.
If your goal is to buy a house and live in that house; Evaluate the distance to your work, the distance from your child`s school and city centers, taking into account the arrival, departure and transportation status.

If you decide that you are eligible to buy the property as a result of your assessment, be sure to check the title deed record of that property.

In particular, investigate whether the building complies with the earthquake regulations, the project has been inspected, whether it is a building permit and a building permit. Also, check whether the building has been converted into condominium, whether the building built on the plot is registered in the land registry, or if there is a type revision.

It should also be checked whether the building is under protection, whether the building plot is a protected area, and its degree.

If the real estate you buy is a business or a residence, find out if there is a tenant, how long the tenant`s contract period is, and if the property is within the site, he owes the site management.

Investigate details such as monthly expenses of the building, heating type, age, installation status, security, sound and heat insulation, parking situation, environment and garden layout.

In particular, investigate whether the building complies with the earthquake regulations, whether the project has supervision and license permits.

Deed transfer is made at the declared value, we recommend that you declare the real estate you purchase at the actual sales value.

We also recommend that you get professional support from a real estate agent you trust for sales and tracking.

In your land or other real estate purchasing decisions, you should evaluate your suitability for your purpose in the same way, or make a decision by purchasing this real estate after purchasing before making a purchase.

What Are Legal Procedures While Buying?

It is necessary to make sales of real estates offically. It means that the buyer and seller parties sign the officially prepared contract in front of the land registry official.
Real estates with a title deed are not sold with a muhtar. The transfer and sales of properties with title deeds are carried out at the Land Registry.

If the parties are real persons:
Originals of identity cards of the buyer and seller,
If there is a proxy, "power of attorney in the form of regulation"
Title deed or original,
TCIP insurance (required for residential or business sales, not for land sale)
They apply to the Land Registry Directorate with the declaration value received from the municipality. If the parties or one of the parties is a legal person, in addition to the documents written above, there should be a certificate of authorization and signature circular from the Trade Registry Office.

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