What are the points to consider when buying a property?

First of all, whether the real estate you intend to buy is for your purpose, think well.

Do not decide right away, do not hurry.

If this property is a residence and you are going to live in this residence, evaluate its suitability to you and your social environment.

Evaluate the issue of transportation, distance from your own job, your child`s school, the centers where you live, and the state of public transportation.

You or your real estate consultant should check the title deed registration, do not make a prepayment until it is certain that there is no problem in the title deed register and the contract is signed.

If the residence you are going to buy is a flat and is a tenant and you want the tenant to be evacuated after purchasing the house, obtaining a commitment from the tenant must be done without taking the title deed. Or it should be done together with the sales contract.

Do not sign a contract without knowing the expenses of the apartment you will buy such as fuel, site fees. Check that the electricity, natural gas, site dues debts of the house you will buy are reset.

The value you declare during the title deed refers to the amount you paid for the title deed sale. This figure means you are buying this property at the value you officially declare in the deed. In order to avoid any problems in the future, we recommend you to buy the property by declaring the real value you pay. Do not show low buy and sell values ​​in order to avoid land registry fees.

Check the age of the building you want to buy, the plot share and square meter of the apartment without processing, in this case you know what you are buying.

If the total number of flats of the building is central warming, investigate the expenses such as monthly dues, contact the site manager before signing the contract, if necessary, check whether the owner of the property you plan to purchase has debts on the site.

If it is an apartment in the multi-storey apartment you will buy, investigate the fire escape and security issues.

The title deed records, building permit, building permit certificate of the house you will purchase should be investigated before making a pre-payment before the contract, whether the building has been registered in the title deed or the type is determined.

Whether the building or apartment is built in accordance with the earthquake regulations, the inspection report and approval of the building inspection firm should be investigated.

Sound and heat isolation, the condition of the installations should be investigated for any leaks.

The site should be investigated whether there are social activities, whether the parking lot is sufficient or not.

The rental income of the house to be purchased should be investigated. Equivalent rents are also decisive in determining the value of the house.

Facade, floor and landscape condition, adequate room number, useful ?, hall and room connections, condition of balconies, garden and landscaping, neighborhood relations in the building should be investigated before the purchase decision.

Negotiations for sale in the surrounding area or recently sold should be learned, this will assist in determining whether the price of the apartment or house you plan to buy is suitable or not.

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