Things to consider when renting a property

The lease agreement is made with the landlord or the representative of the landlord.

The real estate to be rented should be seen at the residence or workplace, without prepayment or any contract.

We recommend not to make a lease contract without evaluating whether the real estate you intend to rent is suitable for your purpose.

If there are deficiencies in the real estate, it should be ensured that the deficiencies are corrected before the contract or if repair is required, or who should make the repair costs, and who will make the repair should be written in the contract.

If the tenant is going to spend money by repairing and repairing the property that he rented, and if he thinks to use it for a long time, details should be specified in the lease.

If necessary, annotation should be deducted from the deed.

Rent prices in the region should be investigated and it should be clarified whether the rent is the fair price.

In addition to the internal features of the house, whether the building is constructed in accordance with the earthquake regulations, the soundness of the building should be investigated, and if there is a hesitation in this regard, the house should not be rented.

If there is a site fee, who should pay should be written on the contract.

If the house to be rented is the upper floor or the penthouse, whether the roof is flowing should be checked before signing the lease contract, and if repair is needed, who should have it and whose costs will be covered by should be written in the contract.

While signing the contract that the expenses such as electricity, water, natural gas will be paid by the tenant, the guarantee of the payment must be taken before the tenant enters or evacuates the contract. This issue can be settled with a deposit, and a certain amount can be signed by the lessee to a date after the release date.
If the tenant receives a deposit, it should be written in the lease contract why it was issued, under what conditions it would be received and reimbursed.

The annual rate of rent increase and the period of rental should be written in the lease.

Sides; The tenant, the lessor and the guarantor, if any, must sign the lease together.

If money is exchanged by hand, it can be written on the contract or on the back.

If the contract is more than one page, each page must be signed separately by the parties.

The status of the fixtures should be written in full.

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