Important points in real estate investment

Real estate is a commodity that is easy to buy but difficult to sell. So buy the real estate you bought, thinking that you will sell it one day.

Real estate owners in general; They determine the price of the property they will sell and ask the real estate agents to find buyers for the price they want. Therefore, the price the seller wants may be higher than the market. Do not buy real estate without doing a good market research.

Real estate investment is an investment made over time. It is a long-term investment. Real estate investment is not the right investment tool for investors who want to make a profit in the short term.

Real estate investment can be made in these regions by detecting the development areas of the city. Investments in the development regions of the cities have a high return potential. If you have real estate in these regions, you may consider holding it rather than selling it.

A reliable real estate agent who knows the market well always brings you money. Have a good lawyer, a good financial advisor and a good real estate agent in your business life. With the right property investment, you can earn a fortune in the long run.

It is useful to stay away from real estate agents who only want to sell to you. Knowing the real estate sector, who knows the market, which may relate in Turkey and the world economy, can predict demand, but also to get a good real estate consultant properties.

Real estate is not rich by selling it, it is rich by purchasing it or it is rich by holding the property that it owns. You may need money, so if you have to sell your property, purchasing a property in a region that has an expectation of valuing the remaining amount after your need will be a good investment for the future.

Having land near the forest is a risk. When purchasing land deeds that are close to the forest or nearby, consult with the forest administration, city planner, map engineer, municipality, cadastral office, land registry office or real estate agent you trust, make sure that the relevant title has no problems with the forest administration.

Do not worry about a property that you want to buy but cannot buy. You may come across more profitable opportunities later. Sometimes, after a while, the same property may appear cheaper. Or you may come across the opportunity to purchase a property that attracts you more.

Do not act too quickly when buying or selling real estate, consult an expert! Have a good real estate consultant, follow the suggestions of your trusted real estate agent. Real estate is earned when buying, not when selling.

The “real estate declaration values” of the property you bought may be low. Make a title deed in accordance with the actual amount of the property you have bought in the land registry office. Otherwise, you may have problems with the Tax Office in the coming years. You can pay the amount you do not pay or avoid on the day of your purchase, with penalty and interest in the future.

The other subject; According to the current law, if you sell your real estate within 5 years by earning money, you need to pay “value increase tax”. If you sell the same real estate within 5 years; The title deed transaction made from the actual sales figure when purchasing saves you from paying high “value increase tax”.

Negotiate with the real estate owner rather than negotiating a service fee with the real estate agent for real estate that you have purchased through real estate agents. Pay the property consultant`s merit.

Following the words and contracts and being a trusted person earns you.

The healthy trade relationship is long-term, as an investor you win in the long run

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