You can make profit out of real estate investments in Turkey. However, some points need to be considered.

If you want to buy land in Turkey, or any real estate you want to buy.

The idea is good.

It saves to make real estate investments in Turkey.

But; Before purchasing, you must examine the zoning status from the relevant municipality, consult the relevant people or ask the seller for the zoning status document.

Ask your real estate agent to check if there are any comments about mortgage, archaeological or natural protection in the house of declarations in the title of the property you want to buy.

Do you do business in Turkey reliable real estate consultants will guide you through these issues, it will alert you in case it is needed.

Unfortunately, real estate sales are not always under the supervision of experts in our country.

If the person or people who sell you real estate have not researched or warned you in this regard, you may encounter undesired situations after purchasing the real estate in question.

For example; After the sales process is completed, you can learn that the property you have bought may shrink after zoning application. Or worse still, you can learn that the land you bought cannot be given a construction license, this land has a park or road in the zoning plan, or that it is a cemetery.

Also, if you purchase a building without a "building occupancy permit", consider that additional expenses may be required later and that the municipality may not grant a license to open and operate a business without these expenses.
Know that buildings purchased without a building permit can create problems for you in the future.

To avoid such unwanted situations, do business with professional real estate consultants who do their job well.

Do not risk your savings.

Buying and selling real estate is an important decision.

Get support from a trusted real estate agent.

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