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What fees are involved in selling my Turkish property?

Two percent of the agreed sale price +VAT is to be paid to the estate agency for their services on sale of the property.

Capital Gains Tax. This is required if selling your property within five years after purchasing this property. In case of you made profit on the property.

Property Seeling Title Deed Transfering Fee. Totally 4% ( 2% buyer, 2% seller) is required on sale/purchase of any property. And additional approx. 400 tl some other expences will be involved.

It is also required from non Turkish buyers and sellers valuation document from Appraisal Company which will cost you approx. 1500 tl.+VAT

At the same time as a property owner as a non Turkish citizen selling your property the sworn translater will translate to you what are you siging for at the Land Registry Office, which will cost 100.- TL. for the seller. If buyer is non Turkish Citizen will be charged the same amounth to buyer as well.

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