What documents are required for a property purchase contract in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey is very overlookable and can be done with the help of a professional

Real estate agents can be carried out very simply.

After signing the complete purchase contract in front of the district land registry, you will receive

the deed (Tapu Senedi) and are the new property owners from this point on.

The following documents are required;

- Original passport and a translation which is notarized.

- Turkish tax number

- Confirmation of registration for your place of residence in your home country

- 2 passport photos

- Land registry deed (Tapu) and current land registry entry from the seller.

- You need a confirmation from the military that the property is not in a military

Security zone. This will be checked by the seller before signing the

Requested purchase contract on your behalf.

- Habitability certificate which confirms that the property is for residential purposes

suitable and meets the minimum requirements.

After buying the property you have the right, like any local property owner

Property for rent or for sale. Of course, you also have the right to receive income

to transfer these properties to foreign accounts.

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