Property management and rental in Fethiye

Property management and rental in Fethiye

What is property management?

The process of managing the lease process from start to finish by taking into account the real estate asset of the property owner is called Property management.

It is the duty of the property manager to find tenants for your property, to coordinate the necessary renovation works, and to monitor and manage the processes afterwards.

Why is a property manager needed?

Property owner is needed due to the limited time of the property owner, the property`s involvement in the management affairs and the unwillingness to meet with the tenants, the owner of the property more than one property and / or living away from the properties to be rented out.

Our main actions as property manager

The process of finding tenants

Professional painting, drones and 360 ° shots, real estate visuals, informative written expression
Special study for potential tenants of Turkish and Turkish origin in European countries
Communicating with potential tenants in our impact environment
Reaching more tenant candidates from our active, corporate and personal social media accounts by regularly sharing paid and free
By contacting the surrounding real estate advisors, evaluation of the current tenant candidates
Promotion activities to tenant candidates with online or normal `open house` invitations, depending on the condition of the property
Increasing or ignoring the bid price with the negotiation we will make in line with the trainings and experiences we receive, which will not be accepted by you.
Access to the region with advertisements, banners, signage
Announcement of our web page and internet portals
Rental process

Create a potential tenant front profile
Investigation of the tenant candidate`s ability to pay the rent regularly and its reliability
The tenant`s compliance with the site and apartment rules
Sharing completely informative, detailed, not misleading, complete information about the property without making any concessions from ethical and moral rules.
Documenting the collection of the deposit and the current state of the property and evaluating it at the end of the rent
Arrangement / renewal of the lease agreement in accordance with the latest applicable legislation

Rental fee collection and dues

Determination of the rent collection rules during the lease contract period
In case of any collection delay, informing the owner
Payment of site / apartment dues and expenses (optional)
Each year, the rental price is redefined according to the real estate market and current economic developments.
Ensuring and following up electricity, water subscription contracts by the tenant
Tenant relations

To ensure the tenant`s satisfaction within the framework of the agreements made.
Inspecting the tenant`s compliance with the rules
Representation of the property owner in the resolution of disputes
Renovation and maintenance

Determining the profits for profitability by examining the property status before and after the rental process, which will lead to an increase in the rental price.
To get a quotation for renovation and maintenance services, to give instructions and supervise to make appropriate renovations
After the leasing process, to determine the damages and to make repairs by deducting from the deposit price.
Tenant evacuation

Speaking, planning and implementing the evacuation process with the tenant in advance
Reimbursement of the deposit (excluding expenses)
Initiation and management of legal proceedings in case of dispute
Providing the necessary maintenance after evacuation and making it ready for renting or selling again.


We share with you the information about the legal regulations, tax law, tenant-landlord law, and the fastest solutions to the problems that may arise, which we closely follow and work with in the real estate sector, we get from legal consultants and financial advisors.

In line with our expertise in the field of real estate consultancy, we evaluate the possible zoning changes planned in the region, which may affect your real estate, and their positive and negative effects on your property. We initiate the sales process of the property when the favorable conditions arise.

As your property manager, our approach in the transactions will be in a way that will satisfy you property owner and protect your right to the maximum.

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