Regulation on Real Estate Trade for the regulation of the real estate sector was published on 5 June 2018

The Regulation on the Immovable Trade was published in the Official Gazette with the number 30442 on 5 June 2018 by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

It should be considered as a beginning for the regulation of the real estate sector. With this regulation, real estate agents are recognized by the state.

Auditing is brought to the sales-brokerage activities of the real estate sector.

Conditions are determined in the regulation of the sector.

The regulation protects real estate buyers, real estate sellers and real estate agents. It is aimed to prevent the previous grievances, fraud, fraud and other real estate occupational standards in the sector.

It is aimed to prevent tax losses and leakage. Real estate trading, brokerage activities are recorded.

With the regulation, real estate consultants are empowered on matters related to their activities, as well as loading responsibilities.

Real estate consultants will not be able to perform real estate consultancy and brokerage, sales, rental activities without the "professional qualification certificate" that can be obtained from the institutions authorized by the Vocational Qualification Authority and without the "Authorization Certificate" issued by the Provincial Directorates of Commerce.
With the regulation, the Ministry of Customs and Trade establishes the "Real Estate Trade Information System" within three months and its officials related to these activities are included in this system, and the ministry publishes these people and organizations on its website.

With these new regulations; real estate consultancy will be carried out by established offices at a fixed address. Concepts such as mobile real estate, home office end.
Real estate consultancy is becoming a prestigious profession.
The real estate consultancy office will only be able to act as an intermediary in buying, selling, renting and deed transactions. It will not be engaged in anything other than these activities. In other words, real estate - auto trading, real estate - construction contracting cannot be done together. The subject matter will be real estate only.

Real estate commission rate is determined as 4% + VAT in total. Unless otherwise agreed in the contract, it will be shared equally between the buyer and seller.
The real estate owner authorizes the real estate consultant by signing a contract with the real estate agency holding the certificate of authority and the real estate consultant for a maximum of 3 months about the property he wants to sell. In other words, the real estate owner needs to authorize the real estate agent by signing a "Sales Intermediary Agreement" with the real estate agent.

Also with the regulation; It has been stipulated for real estate offices to be at least 30 m2 in size and to be at least high school graduates of real estate consultants.

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