Fethiye real estate magazine interview

Can we get to know you?

My name is Serdar Oğuz; I am the Chairman of the Fethiye Real Estate Agents Association. I graduated from Marmara University, Department of Public Administration, I have been working freelance in Fethiye since 1986. I have been operating in the real estate sector since 2001

What are the activities of your association and how many members do you have?

As of now, we have 139 association members, but we have a friend who is not a member of our association and is not registered with the real estate agency.

Does the high interest rate affect you? What positions are European investors in?

The high interest rates affect the real estate sector negatively, negatively affecting the demands of domestic and local buyers. Decreasing interest rates will increase the demand for real estate.

Europeans tended to reduce purchases due to the attacks in our country 3 or 4 years ago, and tended to sell some of their properties. The situation has recovered today. Currently, there are European buyers, but not as high as they were 5-6 years ago.

Are there any developments regarding the real estate sector in Fethiye and Seydikemer region?

After being the district of Seydikemer, there was a demand for lands close to the center and the lands likely to be developed.

This led to some price increases, but Seydikemer is still a potential, promising region. I think that those who buy real estate from this region will profit in the medium and long term.

Which regions are advantageous in investment?

Seydikemer is still invested, prices in the Üzümlü neighborhood have been far behind, there has been some price increase since last year, however, land can still be bought at prices below the market, and may be considered for investment purposes. Çamköy, Eldirek, Karaçulha region is a region that should be evaluated for investment purposes.

How did Babadag cable car project come to an end, how will it be reflected in this region?

It is a pleasing development to come to an end when an initiative that will contribute seriously to the tourism and economy of the region comes to life. A project that will add value to Fethiye.

Our hope is to be put into service as soon as possible. With the start of the cable car, it will provide serious gains to Fethiye. A development that will make Fethiye stand out from the surrounding tourism regions.

Can anyone who has a bag in real estate, can your association have sanctions for it?

Real estate consultancy; With the new regulations, it becomes a profession that is registered to the tax office, has a certificate, has a certificate of authorization, is responsible for the work and transaction it is doing, and that can be done by those registered in the relevant chamber.

Here, the state sets the rules and regulations of this business. Real estate consultancy is slowly becoming an important profession.

The regulation on the real estate consultancy of the Ministry of Customs and Trade entered into force by being published in the official newspaper as of 5 June 2018.

This regulation will increase the occupational standards, reduce the market victimization and prevent tax evasion.

What advantages do the members registered with your association gain? Do you have training and seminars?

Our association is a member of the Federation Turkey All Real Estate Advisors. Our Federation has made an extraordinary effort on real estate consultancy laws and regulations for the last ten years, while we support our efforts, while maintaining the rights of our members, as an association, we continue our efforts in promoting the real estate and the sector to the place it deserves.

Also; We have a web page for the sale of our association. Our real estate agents can reach the customer directly from here. Our website

Our association members benefit from this free service. We also ensure that our friends who are not members of the paid advertisement sites are published on the internet. Thus, anyone can reach their addresses and phones.

We also conduct vocational training activities, we hold consultation meetings with our colleagues, where we evaluate the events in the sector.

We have a Whatsup group of our members.

We try to ensure that our members do business together. We are trying to create environments where our colleagues do not see each other as competitors and where they can cooperate. We think that we can increase the business potential by seeing real estate agents as business partners, not competitors.

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