Why should real estate investment be made in and around Fethiye?

Do not hesitate to invest in Fethiye and its surroundings!

We, as sector representatives, invest in real estate in Fethiye and its surroundings (Fethiye center, Çalış, Çiftlik, Göcek, Ölüdeniz, Kayaköy, Üzümlü, Faralya, Karaağaç, Karaçulha, Çamköy, Eldirek, Karaçulha regions) for investors and those who want to invest in the real estate sector in Fethiye. We don`t hesitate to do it.

Fethiye and its surroundings, including Seydikemer, is a region that is demanded from domestic and abroad, and is constantly receiving immigration from domestic and abroad, and it is a region where agricultural and trade revenues are high as well as tourism inputs, and commercial mobility and social life are maintained throughout the year.

After mid-2019, the interest rates in the housing sector increased and the real estate market revived with the decrease in the housing purchase interest rates in public banks to 0.99.
We started to see the positive effects of the government`s credit support to the sector and the lowering of interest rates to the real estate market.
Decrease in housing loan interest rates As of now, we expect a decrease in housing loan interest rates only in public banks and the recovery of private banks.

Another issue; The manufacturing firms and contractors in the housing sector have not been able to reflect the inflation in the country for about a year due to the decrease in demand.
Some contractors even went to price cuts.
We think that it is a good time to purchase suitable properties by doing good research at the current prices in Fethiye and its surroundings.
In good condition, affordable second-hand housing can also be evaluated by buyers.

When the markets return to normal and depending on demand, price increases in real estate seem inevitable.

approximately 60% of individual home owner occupied houses in Turkey, according to statistical data. When the market is back to normal, we think that individuals with around 40% tenants will have a demand to own a house. This demand will have an increasing effect on prices in the real estate market.
We recommend "do not wait to buy real estate" to our citizens who need it and have sufficient income or savings.

It is not expected to invest in the real estate sector, to purchase real estate. It is decided to make real estate investment, investment is made, then it is waited.
The right real estate investment brings in investors.

We advise investors to get the opinions and suggestions of a professional real estate agent before investing in real estate.
The right real estate investment not only protects your money against inflation but also allows you to earn a profit over other investment instruments.

Turkey and the Turkish economy growing population in a growing economy in the long term.
With the growth of Turkey`s economy, long-term housing in the vicinity of Fethiye, the workplace, health, industry, tourism, will continue to increase investment in the service sector, and this will reflect positively on the development of Fethiye and the surrounding real estate sector.

The average household size of 3.8 people in Turkey. 5 people, this figure was at the past in Turkey. In Europe, this rate is 2.5 people.
Turkey every day, "the number of people living in a house" reduction is seen. In this sense, we think that the decrease in the household average and the increase in the rate of ownership will positively affect the real estate and construction sector in our country and region.

There may be ups and downs in the real estate sector and markets in short periods.
In front of the real estate sector in Turkey is open in the long term, Fethiye and the surrounding area will also be affected by this positive development will be profitable real estate investors.

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