Vacation in your investment in Fethiye! Buy a villa in Fethiye, when you do not use the villa, we will rent it for a short time, you will earn money

Turn your holiday into investment! - Vacation on your investment!

All in one hand at TLOS Real Estate Consultancy!

best resort in Turkey comes to mind first in Fethiye, one of which location you wish, type your real estate investment in a vacation, and when you use your property, giving a short-term lease we offer a one-stop opportunity to generate income.

In addition, your property continues to increase day by day with the appreciation of your real estate throughout the year.

Average annual real estate value increase in Fethiye, published on (top left top graphic)

(Real Estate Index data are estimated values ​​based on statistical model created in cooperation with METU Applied Mathematics Institute.)

As seen in the graph, the average 4-year real estate price increase in Fethiye has appreciated by 131% despite many negative events in our country.

Compared to other investment instruments such as foreign exchange / bank / gold, this value gain has clearly demonstrated that it is the most profitable investment tool in a long time, without being affected by the gains and losses caused by speculative or political reasons worldwide.

The fact that the short-term 6-month price expectation in the graph appears to decline due to the global corona virus epidemic shows that the best time for real estate investment is coupled with the uncertainty of investments such as foreign exchange and gold.

Looking at the next 10-year process, it is foreseen that the Fethiye region continues to become a center of attraction with the effects of reverse migration from overseas and big cities in our country, and that real estate investments in Fethiye continue to increase in value without slowing down.

The cable car transportation between Ölüdeniz and Babadağ, which is expected to be completed in a short time, with paragliding, Lycian walking path, historical ruins, Saklıkent, nature tourism and yoga, especially concentrated around the grapes. Combined with the diversity of group activities, the Fethiye region will have a much longer tourist season than other resorts.

(Top left 2nd chart)
Demographic Information is data for 2018 prepared in cooperation with TURKSTAT

We offer this service in TLOS Real Estate Consultancy in 2 stages.

1 - Buying the property that suits you best

We examine your budget, family structure, age, when you want to use the real estate, your investment period and the criteria such as city, holiday purpose, site, village house, detached house or apartment, and we determine the most suitable property for you by filtering method.

We determine the properties that you want to see live with visual preliminary presentations, taking into consideration the region`s fair prices, the places we anticipate will gain the most value and most importantly suitability for your needs.

We examine the real estate you have chosen with our consultant on the spot and start our purchases for the most suitable place for your purposes.

2 - Getting the most income with the purchased real estate

At this stage, with your consultant, it is decided how to evaluate the times you do not use the most profitable by determining the periods in which you want to use your real estate.

Depending on your wishes, if you have a long-term residence in Fethiye, you can assign us the entire rental process or only for services such as finding customers, customer service or just maintenance.

For short term rentals, when you assign us as the only authorized person; Our company will carry out all of these transactions in a corporate manner, taking responsibility for contract binding, even without you being in Fethiye, without additional burden or workload.

Why is it so important to conduct purchasing and leasing transactions together?

With our company, we will have acquired the real estate you bought and the customer profile analysis that best knows your wishes and the most suitable customer profile.

When you want to sell your real estate, we completely solve the synchronization problems between the leasing and real estate firms that want to sell.

"Example: When there is a short-term tenant in the real estate you want to sell, the real estate company that wants to sell the house will not be able to show the house to the customer because it is sitting at home." As we are fully aware of the occupancy of the house, we arrange appointments to show the house according to these dates.

After your holiday in your real estate, you can deliver your real estate to us with double options.

Rental until the real estate is sold: When a buyer with a good price comes out, it is sold immediately, but during this period, the house continues to earn income without short-term rental.

Why should you work with TLOS Real Estate Consultancy?

Since 2002, we are a company that provides real estate consultancy services, knows Fethiye and its surroundings very well, works closely and in harmony with regional institutions and organizations, and has successfully carried out activities such as real estate, housing, home, land, workplace purchase, sale and rental.

We produce fast but reliable analytical solutions about tax exemptions and exceptions, by combining our life experience with our experts, and even foreseeing problems that may arise, instead of learning about economic developments and legal changes from news.

In addition to following the developments in the world regularly with our consultants who speak foreign languages, we use our foreign resources in the most effective way thanks to the network, collaborations and agreements we have created in real estate purchase, sale and rental transactions.

With our corporate memberships in the internet portals in the real estate sector in our country and abroad, we also ensure that the advertisements we place are used in the most effective way by using social networks abroad and in our country in the most effective way.

We provide the highest level of representation of your real estate with our professional camera, 360 ° camera, drone, video footage and detailed written explanations.

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