Jetzt fliehen die Menschen aus den Städten und umarmen die Natur.

Those who want to escape from the city!

For decades, intense waves of migration from villages to large cities have affected life in large cities. Nowadays, the idea of ​​"escaping from the city", which people living in big cities occasionally go through, has begun to be said louder and even the deferred thoughts have been taken into action for years.

Especially in recent years, digital exchange opportunities such as distance education, distance work, and epidemic cases have become more frequent.

When the ones who want to migrate from the city are examined, two types of migration methods come to the fore,

Rural immigration willing to interact with as few people as possible
Migration to the holiday resort where there is less density of people compared to cities
In both forms of migration, considering the life expectancy of individuals and family members, it is vital to make an accurate economic assessment. Mistakes on these issues will negatively affect your quality of life in a long time.

In order to prevent these negativities and make your life quality sustainable, let`s look at the prominent migration reasons, needs and sources of income together for a good examination of expectations:

Causes of immigration from the city:

Healthy life and nutrition
Traffic problem
Exasperation from business life
The desire to get away from people
Minimal life
Economic difficulties
Life in nature
Basic needs:

Health Service
Public transport
Social life
Sea, pool, nature
Income source:

Fixed income available
Working remotely
Agriculture and livestock
The work of one of the spouses
Open a business
Finding a job in the region
Virtual business
Sorting these items according to your priorities and removing what you see unnecessary will help you to determine the most suitable accommodation.

Fethiye can be the region you are looking for!

Fethiye, with its population of 165,000, hosts a wide range of city activities throughout the year, but also offers rural, village, mountain life and beach facilities around 40km. International Dalaman Airport is a 45-minute drive away, and the Göcek neighborhood, one of the most popular marina in the world, is only 25km away.

Fethiye center consists of 3 parts,

Courthouse and Cumhuriyet Mah. The region, which is located in the area, meets many social, cultural, educational and health services you can find in big cities throughout the year with private and public institutions.

In the Ölüdeniz region, which is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world in the east of the center, there is more than sea, sand and sun. The Faralya neighborhood in Ölüdeniz will allow you to perform all the desired nature activities with a sea view. Babadağ, which is only 20 km away, gives the opportunity to practice sports activities such as mountaineering and parachuting in the best way.

Work in Fethiye in the west of Foca neighborhood beach, the beach was a bit dull compared with other surrounding vow, one of Turkey`s leading blue-flagged beach. Also, Calis beach is under protection as it is in the spawning area of ​​Caretta Caretta turtles. Foca Mah. It is also a quieter area than the center, where people from Europe mostly reside throughout the year.

As in many holiday resorts, real estate square meter prices in Fethiye increase as they approach the sea and fall as they move away, but there are places suitable for agricultural, livestock and village life only 40 km away from Fethiye.

All you have to do in this wonderful area will be to identify your priority activities.

"TLOS Real Estate Consulting" can play an important role in your migration plans from the city.

After determining your immigration reasons, needs and income sources, you can determine real estate such as business, land, field, land and house with our consultants who are experts in their fields and know the region very well.

In addition, we can facilitate your plans in the construction of houses that can be built on agricultural land in accordance with the law, directing to institutions and organizations in the region, directing to institutions where you can apply for incentives and grants in agriculture and animal husbandry.

The services that your advisor will offer you will speed up the realization of your plans and will provide you with financial benefits in many subjects that you can learn only by trial and error method.

It is very important that your consultant believes in your planning, because in cases where the consultant is not fully convinced, it is possible that he will ask you to experience the region before buying it, by renting it at the first stage, or with services such as timeshare or prefer not to offer you these services.

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